Apocalyptic Theory About The Night King

As soon as the period 7 finale aired, a lot of brand-new “Game of Thrones” theories cleaned all over the internet. Today we’re mosting likely to focus on a new theory regarding the Night King’s invasion of the Seven Kingdoms, which is likely to be one of the best concepts that emerged up until now after the season-ending.

How the Night King could attack everywhere in Westeros

Reddit user Cake_Flattener1 noted that the Night King destroyed a section of the Wall, he can conveniently and also rapidly trigger huge destruction across all the Seven Kingdoms. Well, keep in mind the Night King’s mass rebirth in Hardhome? Simply believe of exactly how several guys he can elevate from the dead where the Battle of the Bastard was battled.

The best part of this theory concept no one is safe. Gt_Ofice also noted that the Night King might fly and also reanimate corpses almost all over in Westeros.This suggests that Cersei might not be able to “quietly rebuild her power”. If the Night King determines to take off on a grand trip riding Viserion, every person from Sunspear to Winterfell may remain in danger. “The entire continent [might] be facing a zombie armageddon overnight”.

Apocalyptic Theory About The Night King

A scorpion with a dragon glass or Valyrian steel’s arrows can be made use of to kill undead Viserion and even the NK himself (although he’s absolutely not mosting likely to be defeated that way). Even if the Seven Kingdoms are not prepared to encounter him, possibly the leader of the White Walkers would certainly choose to slowly conquer the continent escorting his substantial army. By remaining near to his plenty of dead soldiers, he can make use of Viserion’s devastating power against whoever attempts to attack his legion.

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