Ending Up Being the Youngest Released Author at PacktPub

In The Beginning…

For several years currently I have actually adhered to the likes of Todd Slogan, Brendan Each, Raymond H, Sarah Drasner and a host of other popular developers and idolised them. I’ve taken in the designer society and the aches and pains that have the programmer way of life and I have appreciated every min of it.

Since I have actually been in tech, I have actually been composing blog posts and dealing with different projects in an effort to imitate my idolizers and end up being a far better developer. During my last year of research study at the University of Strathclyde I was dealing with my last year project, this job was a network-monitor developed totally in Python that ran on numerous Raspberry Packt free Pis scattered throughout my house, catching different metrics and connecting with each various other making use of a really basic duplicate of the Simple Solution Discovery Procedure (SSDP).

I stressed

I wound up trying to rewrite the whole job swiftly making use of numerous “processes” and ultimately really did not rather complete what I intended to in time. I wound up getting an inadequate grade and total barely scratched an Upper Second class degree.

Ending Up Being the Youngest Released Author at PacktPub

The Positive side

Whilst the entire task might be regarded as a disaster, something great did appear of it. Have been stung by the likes of the GIL and multiple threads in Python, I assumed I would take a crack at composing a really simple tutorial on collaborating with numerous strings in Python. It is by no suggests Packt free an artwork of anything that I am overly happy with yet it did rank rather well on Google. This is still up and can be located right here for those interested

Fast forward approximately a year and a half and I had actually been working full-time at my existing blog post since leaving College. Without disclosing too much information, I worked in a team that worked heavily on highly-concurrent systems using Java and I was beginning to really feel comfortable with language-agnostic ideas such as race conditions, synchronization and various other important concurrency concepts.

Get in touch with

In November of in 2015 I after that obtained an e-mail. It was entitled “Authoring a book on Concurrency with Python– Packt”. This interesting claim the least and at first I was unbelievably sceptical, believing it was an intricate tactic in order for me to part with bank account information and such. I hovered over the from email address it would be a garbled, diverse mix of odd characters and the letter you would typically get out of a spammer and low and see it looked genuine?