Equality And Inclusion 2020/19 Season Review

Burnley FC is very happy to discuss its Equality and Inclusion 2018/19 Season Review. Football Club is dedicated to promoting equality and valuing diversity throughout fans, our staff and the community. Football has the capability to reach all parts of their community. We wish to utilize the power of football to bring people together and to handle discrimination. Burnley FC is actually’One Club for All’. The assignment of this Club is to make certain that everybody feels welcome and may appreciate soccer free of discrimination. Having ensured the Premier League Equality Standard Level in truc tiep bong da hd, the Club has been work towards procuring the Equality Standard Intermediate Level. Burnley FC’s position on discrimination of any sort is just one of zero-tolerance. Burnley FC is for everybody and also the Clarets will be advocates for equality throughout the town, the community and the Club.

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