Never Say These 8 Things to A Trans Woman

Living in a male dominated world for a trans woman is not so easy, where they may encounter violence and oppression. All normal cis folks can make their life miserable by asking these trans women certain thoughtless questions or comments which should be avoided.

Keeping that in mind, in this writeup we will tell you few things that you should never say to any shemale in Paris if you are interested to spend a night with them.

  1. Use the word “tranny.”

If you are not yourself a trans then you cannot say this to another trans woman. As a friend, you may say it once to any crossdresser, when both of you may be drunk, but it should not be dragged too much. They will feel very offended with this term.

  1. Do you need help sir?

This will obviously misgender a trans woman even if you address in this way to any trans woman accidentally. Try not to offend them with such addressing rather prefer to use any gender-neutral mode of addressing.

  1. You are really so pretty!

As a cis woman, if you tell a transwoman that “Oh my god, you are so pretty!” then it obviously means that you are a trans and you should not be so pretty like us.

However, if a cis man tells this to her, then she may take it as complement with a pinch of salt.

  1. What name your used to be?

You must totally avoid saying this as their deadnames may trigger as a source of pain as well as dysphoria for them. However, most of them still face this question almost daily due to bureaucratic process to get their name legally changed.

  1. Calling as goddesses

Particularly this kind of statement may hurt those who are gay man because they are looking forward to their acceptance as trans woman. Particularly when cis man tries to address them in this way, it will hurt them, as they really are not goddesses.

They want to get recognized as just a trans woman.

  1. Can I see your old photo?

Often cis men are fascinated to see how they got transformed from man into a trans woman, but not the fascination of any trans woman. They have transformed because they were not happy with their assigned gender.

Therefore, asking them for the physical evidence is very hurtful.

  1. Have you got your surgery done?

This question will not hurt much if you ask someone whether you have got your tonsil operated or not. However, asking someone whether you have got your penis operated or whether you have a pussy can be too offensive question.

It is better to avoid such question.

  1. You are so brave

Though this may be quite well meaning but can also be annoying for a trans women. It is not necessary that we should say that, which will mean to them that you need to be brave.

They certainly do not need your inspiration as there are few organizations already well behind them.