Things to consider before investing in an ICO

Last but not the least, check out the roadmap of the project to investigate how they plan to proceed over time. Do they have a realistic project plan? When and how the token will be developed and launched. Would there be a dedicated exchange? If not, how the company intends to launch its token on which exchanges? Would there be a digital wallet app for general users? How will investors manage their tokens or trade them? Find out answers to all these questions or ask the company.

Are the company founders and stakeholders capable enough to run the project successfully and deliver the said returns? Can they be trusted?

Check their LinkedIn and other social profiles for as many details as you can collect about each of the ICO investor checklist.

Is It Unique In Concept Or Somehow Better?

Does the crypto project deliver anything new? Is it following the exact same concept that one or more ICOs are already based on? Do you really need another crypto payment system that works the same as Bitcoin? You don’t.

Avoid investing in an ICO that has no unique base or concept to go forward. However, if an ICO is doing something new, such as developing a way to perform quicker and more secure transactions at lower transaction cost, that might be something worth your money.

Things to consider before investing in an ICO

The Whitepaper (and use cases)

Never underestimate the power of a well-documented white paper, especially in the case of ICOs. The ICO white paper is probably the most solid thing that you can have. It will tell you everything there is to know about the ICO project, including why it is worthy of your investment, its future applications, commercial uses (how to research ICOs that you want to invest in), revenue mechanism, coin trading at exchanges, etc. Prospective investors must necessarily read the white paper of an ICO company in order to understand the project’s feasibility and determine whether or not it has any future.