White Hat SEO vs Black Hat SEO

As we know, in search engine optimization process, white hat SEO is the one that stands for various optimization strategies, tactics and techniques that target a genuine human audience. It also focuses on multiple search engines and entirely follows search engine policies, rules and regulations. Like, a website that is optimized specially for various search engines, but still gives importance to organic ranking and relevancy can be considered to be optimized using white hat SEO policies. A few examples of white hat SEO techniques are, using relevant and critical keywords and using various keyword analysis, genuine back linking, website link building to improve link traffic and popularity, and writing quality content for buyers, that is, human readers.

Actually, white hat SEO is more commonly used by those companies who intend to make a proper long term investment on their company website. Because of the policies and rules it follows, white hat SEO is also called ethical SEO.

White Hat SEO Techniques:

Providing Quality Content:

If you are following white hat SEO policies, then creating quality content is really important as it shows the various search engines that your company website is appropriate and unique to display. After researching thousand keywords, and understanding whether they are relevant to your company website or not, is very necessary for its growth. And do not forget to include relevant keywords in headings, page titles and link anchor texts. Also, it is very important to upload fresh content regularly on the website. The more content you provide to your readers the more your site is to be recognized by potential buyers. So, the key is to create quality content, though it may take a lot of time.

In search engine optimization (SEO) process, black hat seo can be referred as the usage of aggressive SEO techniques, strategies and tactics that focuses mainly only on various search engines and not on a genuine human audience, and it does not follow the rules and regulations of search engines. The black hat seo techniques include unnecessary keyword stuffing, invisible text data, extra doorway pages, addition of unrelated keywords to the company web page content and page swapping.

White Hat SEO vs Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO Techniques:

Black hat seo is more commonly used by those people who are looking for a very fast financial return on their company web page and thus they are not going for a long term investment plan. So, you need to choose what you want for your company website, because both the options are available.