Why AI might not be the best fit for you:

The introduction of technology and data softwares has brought along the fact that few years from now, technology would bring automation into existence. This idea however is still a myth as the mass organizations are still running on human efforts. But since we humans aren’t satisfied with what we already have and always searching for something more, automation seems to be the next step forward into the future.

The biggest myths that are related to automation are that it would be cost saving, time saving, energy saving option and since everybody is lusting for it, it would do well to you. This is where you are wrong as automation may work in one industry while it may fail terribly in another region or an organization. Here are a few ways through which automation ruins your day:

You may lose your customers:

The major highlight of automation it’s that it saves time and money as you are ordering a computer to do all your tasks while you sit back and relax. Sending emails, posting on social media, manage clients, and more. But notice what are you missing here? If you order a PC to do all your tasks for you, your interaction with the clients decreases and eventually diminishes. Hence with the passage of time, your business might get replaced as someone better than you having insight of the business can do that. This is done by staying connected to the target audiences and altering your business model as per the preferences of the consumers. Customers’ queries vary with nature and if you provide a same statement on every query that arises, the client may feel neglected and end up going for the alternative.

You lose focus and control:

Being in the HR of a company, your role might be to get the best skill/fit to be working for you to improve the company’s performance. However, the automated hiring process is a bit uncertain as the human brain has the ability to play smart against it and even bypass the criteria selection one way or the other. The chance of an error coming into existence is possible and you might end up hiring the wrong candidate that doesn’t fit the basic Job description of the designated position. The data of itself is very confidential and automation doesn’t prove to an option that we could rely upon for its protection. Consider handling HR related stuff to human labor and try using file security software that would help you protect all the confidential files. In addition, you can also opt for a USB blocking option that would restrict any confidential data loss.

Why AI might not be the best fit for you:

It makes you less agile

When you work hard on the daily basis, you are well able to tackle different situations and come up with alternative options for all the problems arising. However, if you go a bit far from your work and rely on the automation process a bit too long, the learning process starts diminishing and so does your mental capacity that was previously equipped with coming with quick solutions. Hence, automation may be successful but it would surely has some drawbacks that might force the working organizations to revert back to the previous old method of physical offices containing working physical people/staff.